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Do your own fundraising...

Confused. Don’t know where to start? Whether it’s your fist time or your fifth time, it’s never too late for a bit of inspiration. Here we have a list from A-Z full of fun and exciting ideas. Be inspired and start your very own fundraise now.


Good luck!


ART EXHIBITION - Showcase yours or others artwork and sell it.

AUCTIONS - Hold an auction and sell your unwanted items for charity.

ARTS OR CRAFTS STALL - Open a stall by selling paint, paint brushes and other art equipment.


BASKETBALL CHALLENGE - Did you know that the YMCA invented Basketball? So set a challenge for the number of goals you can score and get all your work colleagues to pay a fiver to join in with a prize for the winner.

BEARD SHAVING - Fancy a different look? Shave your beard and get people to sponsor you.

BACK TO FRONT DAY - Feeling upside down. The objective of this is to ask everyone to wear their clothes inside-out, or back-to-front for an entire day. Every item that they wear is worth a predetermined amount and buys them a raffle ticket for a prize. The more items they wear, the more funds you raise, and the greater their chance of winning the raffle.


CAKE SALE - Bake it up in the kitchen and start selling to the whole neighbourhood. It’s an easy and fun way to raise money.

CAR BOOT SALE – Have a spring clean and all your unwanted items sell it!

CAR WASHING - It’s a sunny day and all cars want is to be washed. Ask as many friends and family and wash their care at a decent price.


DOG WALK - Go for a walk and take the dogs with you too.

DINNER - Do you want to wine and dine? Have your very own come dine with me where tickets can be purchased at the door.

DANCE MARATHON - See who’s the best. Shake them moves and see how many people you can get to sponsor you.


EGG AND SPOON RACE - Race friends and family in this old school classic.

EGG HUNT - Hide the eggs and get the kids to find them. A fun and exciting way to bring the kids together and let them loose.

EDUCATIONAL STALL - From books to stationary, sell anything you have that’s no longer in use.



FACE PAINT STALL - Why not get involved in an event which is already taking place and offer your services as a face painter? Most events will be happy to have you.

FANCY DRESS PARTY - Get sponsored to wear a fancy dress for the day, the fancier, the better! If you're wearing fancy dress at work, get your colleagues to cast their vote on what you should come in wearing - voting can cost a small fee.

FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT - Have a match between friends, or for something bigger ask everyone to enter teams to turn it into a tournament. Raise funds by charging a player fee.



GARDEN PARTY - Make use of your garden, throw a few chairs in and music and you’re ready to go. Invite the whole community and charge an entry fee.

GIRLS NIGHT IN - Invite your friends round and ask them to donate the amount they would usually spend on a night out towards your fundraise.

GIVE IT UP - We all have bad habits, some worse than others. But if you have a habit you want to get rid of, why not do it while fundraising? If your habit is costly, why not donate the money you save?


HEAD SHAVE - This is a popular fundraising activity. It's a brave way to not only raise money for research but also try a new look. Make sure your bold move gets the recognition it deserves by offering people the chance to bid to shave your head.

HOCKEY TOURNAMENT - The skating season is underway. Set up a hockey tournament and get every player to donate as well as the audience. 

HAIR DYING - Go crazy, go wild! Get people to sponsor you and choose any colour for you to die your hair.


ICE CREAM SALES - The kids will love you. On a hot summer’s day open a stall in the park and sell ice cream. Cheap and cheerful.

IRISH DANCING COMPETITION - You have the moves or you don’t, challenge yourself and see what your sponsors say


ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE - I dare you! Whether it’s hot or cold, it’s never too late for the ice bucket challenge. See how many people will donate and how much ice you can handle.



JUMBLE SALE - Have a clear out at home and raise money for the homeless at the same time.

JAMBOREE - Cook up all the delicious summer fruit and make it into jam to sell.

JERSEY SWAP - Loyal? Test your loyalties and see if you can support the opposite team for a day by wearing their jersey and getting people to sponsor you.



KARAOKE NIGHT - Always a classic, for friends who don't mind being a bit silly in front of each other it's guaranteed to be fun.

KEEP FIT EVENING - Passionate about your health. Raise awareness about the body and what people can do stay healthy by doing a lesson in your house and getting everyone to pay a small entry fee.

KNITTING COMPETITION - Whether your 9 or 90, get everyone involved to see who the best is. It’s simple, everyone pays for a ticket which goes to charity and the winner gets a surprise.



LEG WAX - Rather than waiting in a shop bring out your inner talents and provide home services for all those who’ve had enough of long ques.

LETTER PARTY - Get everyone at work to dress up as anything beginning with any letter. You can make it themed if you want to and everyone will then have to contribute to your fundraise.

LOOSE CHANGE - They are always flying about. Keep a jar by your side and any loose change you find in your house or your pockets put it in the jar. You’ll be amazed to see how much you make.



MAGIC SHOW - Have a little talent show for children and see if you can surprise them or even surprise yourself.

MEXICAN NIGHT - Cook up some tacos, fajitas or nachos and charge your friends rather than spending it out.

MASKED BALL - Hosting a masquerade ball fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because it gives your supporters a fun and glamorous night out with a blend of elegance and mystery. Everyone can dress to the nines, enjoy fine food and wines, dance to some great music and thoroughly enjoy themselves.



NON-UNIFORM DAY - Take a break and organise a non-uniform day at work. Get everyone to come in their usual clothes and donate a £1 for a good cause.

NEW YEAR EVE PARTY - A New Year, a fresh start, new beginnings means a new party. Throw a massive New Year’s Eve party and invite everyone. The more people you invite the more money you’ll make. 

NAME THE TEDDY - Charge your friends to come up with the most interesting and spontaneous suggestion for a cute cuddly toy. You could raffle the teddy at the end too.



OLD CLOTHES - Don’t wear it anymore? Sell it. You’ll be amazed to see the amount of clothes you don’t wear and how much you can sell it for.

ODD CLOTHES DAY - Be unique and stand out from the crowd. Get people to sponsor you where you make yourself look like a complete fool.

OPEN GARDENS DAY - If your garden is in full bloom or you have a house with a colourful history, why not open your doors for an entry fee and host an open house. With the kitchen close by, it will be easy to raise extra funds by offering refreshments and a great way to meet the neighbours!



PUB GAMES - Head over to the pub and get all the board games out. Negotiate with the manager and charge everyone a decent amount for every game they want to play.

PYJAMA PARTY - Rather than having a pyjama wearing day at school or work, you could instead have a sleepover night where people get in their pyjamas very early on.

PLANT SALE - Take advantage of this beautiful weather and start growing your very own plants. The best part is you can start selling.


QUIZ NIGHT - Create your own quiz to test your friends’ knowledge. Hold a fun and exciting night during summer and raise money for us by charging per entrant.

QUICK REPAIRS - Are you a handy man? Put your skills to good use and offer the best service to the community. Promote your skills and get paid for doing so.

QUESTION OF SPORT - Start your very own challenge and test as many people as you can. Get people to sign up if they think they know enough about sport and enter a quiz that will be made by you. Every candidate will need to pay a fee and the winner can win a small prize in the end.



RAFFLE - If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to raise money for charity, raffles can be great fun. They’re the perfect means of bringing the community together. It requires minimal effort to participate and the prizes can be as low cost or lavish as you like; it’s all for a good cause.

RUGBY SWEEPSTAKE - Host a rugby game with your friends or create a league within or between schools as a means of raising money for charity. People can bet on how many goals your will score in a particular game or for the whole season. Those who guess correct will get a small prize. 

RACE NIGHT - If you are looking for a challenge then race night fundraising might be for you. Organise a one night horse race and charge your audience an entrance fees and allow them to place bets on which horse will come up on top. This is a good way  of raising a lot of money in just one night.



STRAWBERRY TEA PARTY - This is a quick and easy way of raising a little extra money for your charity of choice. Simply set up a booth or host out of a room and begin selling your strawberry treats and tea. This form of fundraising is particular successful during the summer period.

SLEEPEASY - Join us in March 2019 and sleep rough on a London pavement for one night. It's a huge experience.  Ask you friends to either join you or sponsor you to help get you through the night.

SPONSORED SILENCE - If you’re a chatterbox who finds it hard to be quiet then challenge yourself, you could raise funds with a sponsored silence. Just remember, don't be quiet about the cause and your fundraising before or after the event!!



TREASUER HUNT - Create a treasure hunt, with clues and challenges and see which of your friends can find the hidden treasure hoard. Think of some themed clues and charge per person or team.

TALENT SHOW - We all know how much fun a good, old fashioned talent show can be. Hosting a talent show is a good way of drumming up some money; simply charge a fee to watch  the show and sit back and watch the money roll in.

TUG OF WAR - Get teams of four or five to enter for a small donation and give a prize to the winning team



UNDERWEAR AS OVERWEAR - This is a little fun challenge that you and your friends could take part in. Get sponsored to wear your underwear over your clothes for a day or you could even host a little fashion shows and charge for entry.

UNWANTED GIFT SALE - Ask your colleagues/classmates to bring in their unwanted gifts and sell them on.

UNICYCLE RACE - Get sponsored to take part in a unicycle race.


VOLLEY BALL COMPETITION - Also invented by the YMCA. Get teams to enter for a small fee with a prize for the winning team.

VALENTINE’S DAY PARTY - Sell heart shaped cookies, and organise a secret valentines card delivery service in return for donations.

VIOLIN CONCERT - Are you a skilled violist or do you know someone who is? Hosting a violin concert could to a fun way to rake in some donations.


WALK A DOG - Walking dogs can be a good way of raising money quickly; you could do this by yourself or with friends. 

WALKING - Get sponsored for a long walk or to hike up a hill. You could do a night walk to make it more interesting

WAXING - Opens a little waxing booth or bring in some waxing sheets to work. People could donate to watch you get waxed or someone else can be recommended.​


XMAS BALL - Organise a  Christmas Competitions and charge a pound for entry. You could also sell cakes or Christmas goodies. You could even create a Christmas present wrapping service.

XYLOPHONE CONCERT - Xylophone is an unusual instrument and one that many people haven’t heard live. Holding a concert could garner some donations which you then could give to charity.

X BOX COMPETITION -  Set up some Xbox’s with a range of games ask for donations from anyone who wants to play. Make sure the games are multi-player for maximum involvement.


YEAR TO REMEMBER - What's the most memorable year of your life? Why not make it this year, for all the right reasons. Do something that can not only help make a difference but also a change in your own life. This shows ultimate dedication and is a sure way to encourage people to sponsor you.

YOGA MARATHON - If you’re a self-confessed Yogi, why not run a not-for profit class? Your pupils will not only have invested in their own health, but also have the added satisfaction of knowing they’ve made a difference and helped someone off the roads.

YODELLING COMPETITION - Practise a form of singing and challenge yourself to do this in front of an audience.



ZUMBA-THON - Run a little Zumba class for the day and charge people to take part.

ZODIAC DAY - Ask an astrologer to come to your event and charge people to have their horoscopes read to them.

ZIPLINING - Get sponsored to do a daring zipping obstacle course.