Buy a bed for a young person who is homeless
This spring we want to open a new 146-bed home for young people who are homeless.
The building is ready. Now we need your help to make it a home

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City YMCA London is an independent charity affiliated to the global YMCA movement that was founded in the shadow of St Paul's Cathedral in 1844. Our work is based on the ethos of the international movement and we work across some of London's most deprived boroughs of Islington, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney as well as the city of London. We have recently merged in the work of YMCA North London expanding our patch into Haringey. We have also opened a new hub in Barnett. 

We passionately believe that every young person should have the opportunity to build a future of their own choosing. Over the past forty years we have helped 30,000 isolated, homeless young people struggling with family breakdown, school exclusion, poor mental health and drug and alcohol problems. From emergency beds through to supported longer-term accommodation our hostel occupancy currently runs at 98%, a stark demonstration of the need for this provision. 


City YMCA London have constructed a new purpose-built home for homeless young people in the heart of London. This state of the art building will redefine the standards for hostel and move-on accommodation, offering hope and giving young people the opportunity to choose their own future. We want this home to be the best that it can be. Every young person deserves a safe environment. Therefore, we urgently need your help to furnish the building. We believe that homeless young people deserve the best start in life after going through so much in life. So your support in buying an item of furniture will finally make a ten year project possible. You will turn our building into a home that will create futures of 10,000 young people. 

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